Wikis in Your Classroom

There are a number of ways to use wikis in the classroom setting. Here are just a few:
  1. Post class materials
  2. Class website
  3. Student collaboration on projects
  4. Share student work (portfolios)
  5. Post topic videos
  6. Share class notes
  7. Teaching proper internet safety
  8. Collaborate with other classes, schools or "experts" outside of your school
  9. Create a paperless classroom
  10. Parental communication
  11. Writing prompts via discussions
  12. Student/teacher collaboration

Wikis as a Professional
Wikis can also be a powerful tool for your own professional growth and learning. Here are just a few ways that you can use them as a professional:
  1. PLCs within your school
  2. Collaborate with teachers of your same content area
  3. Extend your PLN beyond the walls of your school or your city limits
  4. Create an online, digital portfolio
  5. Staff development
  6. Share resources and documents pertaining to your school with your staff
  7. Staff book studies
  8. Parent communication
  9. Educational updates and current events